Chimney Sweeping, Pittsburgh, PA

Creosote and Soot

The buildup of creosote and soot in your fireplace, wood stove and chimney is unavoidable. A natural byproduct of the wood- burning process, creosote, forms a black, powdery, flaky or glazed coating on the inside of your chimney. Creosote is a potential fire hazard; it’s the primary fuel in most chimney fires. Even without a chimney fire, creosote and soot reduce the draft and diminish the efficiency of your heating system.


Carbon Monoxide

Leaves, bird nests, or the debris from your gas or oil heating system can block your chimney. A crack or break in the flue tile can interfere with the chimney’s ability to vent properly. If your chimney is blocked or is not airtight, carbon monoxide may seep into your home unnoticed. If undetected, this odorless, colorless gas can be fatal.


Our Chimney Sweeping Procedure

  1.  A clean drop cloth is spread in the firebox area, which is where the fire actually burns.
  2. The firebox is placed under suction using the soot-sweeper vacuum which is specifically designed for chimney cleaning. This prevents soot and debris from entering the interior of the home.
  3. The chimney is then swept clean from the roof down to the smoke shelf. We have the proper size brushes to thoroughly clean the flue.
  4. The damper plate is removed and wire brushed clean.
  5. We hand brush and vacuum the firebox, smoke chamber, and smoke shelf along with the damper housing, so it fully opens and closes for proper operation and efficiency
  6. Grate is wire brushed and vacuumed.
  7. Chimney is thoroughly inspected.

Note: Video inspections are available using Chim-Scan for badly deteriorated or fire damaged chimneys.


Accessories and Other Services

Chimney Crown Repairing

If needed, we can rebuild your chimney crown so it’s like new. A cracked or loosened chimney crown will leave a chimney unprotected, allowing moisture to penetrate the brick and flue tile, which will prematurely deteriorate your chimney.


Chimney Caps

Our 100% stainless steel rain and animal guard chimney caps are the finest available in the industry. They carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee. This superior product keeps birds, squirrels, and raccoons out of your chimney. The chimney cap also prevents water from penetrating into the flue, which can damage the lining and lead to costly repairs down the road. This chimney cap is available in stainless steel, copper, and black painted steel in any of the standard or custom sizes. For your convenience, we carry all the standard sizes on our service vehicles.


Furnace Flue Cleaning and Fireplace Cleaners

For a furnace flue cleaning we first remove and thoroughly wire brush the flue pipe that runs from the furnace to the masonry chimney. Then, we wire brush the flue liner in the chimney. All debris from the clean-out trap is removed, such as broken flue tile, bricks, soot, mortar, and bird nests. We offer a variety of cleaners to keep your fireplace looking and working its best.